Why “Believing” in Science makes you sound like an Idiot

Recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren proclaimed that she”Believed” in Science as she went on to rail about yet one more Basic Human Rights Moment of Fear-Mongering while using the nobility of Science to somehow legitimize her latest pet cause power grab.

This is a patently wrong thing to do.  Science is not a “belief” like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Athesism.  It’s a merely a Method of Investigaton.  That’s all. We all learned that in the 8th grade I believe.

I think John Cleese of Monty Python fame put it best when encountering this new crazy little thing people are doing by invoking Science to prove that they are somehow noble and morally right and that everyone who differs from them politically or philosophically is somehow stupid, misinformed, willfully ignorant and evil.

Science has nothing to with politics, morals, theology or philosophy.  You just use it to investigate the physical world.  Not as a prop for some scam you’re trying to frighten everyone with so you can line your bank account with the profits from windmill sales.

Real scientists groan when they hear this sort of thing.  As do we all.


  • How do I express my appreciation of your brilliance? “So true!”; “Brilliant!”, “Amen Brother!”, “Woke!”? How about, thank you!

  • Hmm. I struggle with this a little. That said, I haven’t looked into it.
    I do not truly understand all the science I have read/studied. Let’s just accept that Mr Hawking et al. are smarter than me. I understand the scientific method. I accept its truth. But if I don’t understand it totally, surely I believe in it?
    From the Oxford, “An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.”
    So yes, some fantasy overtones, but I do ‘accept’ that science is correct, or at least the scientific method is correct, so do I not believe in science?
    Accepting my viewpoint, I have no idea why it would be ‘crazy’ to ‘believe in science’ as this woman seems to think it is.


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