Because the NFL Hates America You Can Have a Free Book

Because the NFL hates America you can read one of my books for Free this Sunday instead of watching the ridiculous shenanigans of a bunch of spolied brats who hate America, Americans, and our way of life.

The NFL is an embarrassment. If you’re an American you stand for the Flag and the Anthem.

Period.  Full Stop.

I’ve raised the flag at dawn, and I’ve lowered it at dusk during my time in the Army.  I’ve also stood by and watched it presented to grieving widows and parents.

Millionaire lowlifes playing cheap race-baiting games at the expense of something better men and women have fought and died for shall not pass  as far as I’m concerned.

So I’m putting my money where my heart is.

This Sunday, instead of watching a bunch of  overpayed idiots pretend to kneel for something none of them can articulate intelligently, anyone anywhere, can download my best selling book CTRL ALT Revolt for free.  The offer is good for Monday Night Football too.  Your whole family can get it.  Your friends can get it.  Everyone can get it.  You can read a book and have a good time instead of being called a racist by scumbag athletes who think you’re an idiot because of your skin color, or who you voted for.  You can do lots of other things too.  I’m just giving you an option. Do anything besides watch football.

If the NFL doesn’t like America, there’s the door.  Show yourself out.

The fine people who love this country and work hard to make it great will find something better to spend their time on.  If they want to read a book they can have mine for free.  It’ll be Free on Sunday Morning  and Monday Night .  Here’s the link: (It’ll be FREE on Sunday morning.) it’s a fun book and it won a major award.  So it’s good.

And if you want me to remind you on Sunday Morning that it’s FREE then sign up for my email here and I’ll send you an email on Sunday Morning. I’ll also give you some other free books.

UPDATE: Its live now:  get it here for Free



  • Are you thinking about doing any comics? You have the touch for it. If alt hero takes off they’ll have a need for good content and writers. It can’t all be about the message and triggering at some point comics have to be about the stories, heroics and adventures.

  • Thank you! This is an amazing book. For me, it was the one that introduced me to your writing, and I’ve been avid reader ever since. Now I hope to make avid readers of yours out of my friends and acquaintances as well. With Ctrl Alt Revolt, I imagine that won’t be hard at all.

  • Nick

    Just finished reading it and reviewed at Amazon
    Thanks for taking the time to write and make it free. I really enjoyed it and i’m looking forward to reading Galaxy edge series. Would it be possible to bundle Galaxy edge in the future?

    Thanks again,



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