Author: Nick Cole

When It’s Worse than you think… The Madness of King Google

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“You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google,” he added. “You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.”  Quote from an actual Google Employee. The Bombshell legal filing by two former Google employees is worth reading from beginning to end.  It’s a very shocking […]

My Friend Andrew Klavan Nails Hollywood

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Forget that the Golden Globes Charade this weekend was merely an opening shot in the ridiculous Oprah 2020 Campaign.  Forget that the Left has been telling us that Reality TV Star Millionaires are not qualified to run for office  because they’ve found their own Reality TV Star Millionaire (Apparently only the Deep State Class qualify […]

Why “Believing” in Science makes you sound like an Idiot

Recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren proclaimed that she”Believed” in Science as she went on to rail about yet one more Basic Human Rights Moment of Fear-Mongering while using the nobility of Science to somehow legitimize her latest pet cause power grab. This is a patently wrong thing to do.  Science is not a “belief” like Christianity, […]

Rooting for the "Truth"… God and the Astronomers

“In God and the Astronomers, Dr. Robert Jastrow, world-renowned astrophysicist, describes the astronomical discoveries of recent years and the theological implications of the new insights afforded by science into mankind’s place in the cosmos. He explains the chain of events that forced astronomers, despite their initial reluctance (“Irritating,” said Einstein; “Repugnant,” said the great British astronomer […]

'Nam, but with Stormtroopers and KillBots

As a kid I was always fascinated by Vietnam.  Probably because of how cool Magnum PI and his buddies seemed to be, and the men service to their country made them into.  Loyal, competent, and deadly with a 1911.  But I also dug the helicopter pilots. I dug the style of jungle warfare and the […]

Because the NFL Hates America You Can Have a Free Book

Because the NFL hates America you can read one of my books for Free this Sunday instead of watching the ridiculous shenanigans of a bunch of spolied brats who hate America, Americans, and our way of life. The NFL is an embarrassment. If you’re an American you stand for the Flag and the Anthem. Period. […]

Make Your Enemies do Stupid Stuff

At a rally last week Trump went after the NFL, and specifically the Grievance Cultists who somehow believe there is a pattern of systemic racism despite Holder/Obama funding a multi million dollar study that proved the opposite. I’ll say it again: White people are the least racist people I know.  Note: That is until the […]

Yes… Barnes and Noble is about to Collapse. What happens Next.

Over at the Digital Reader they  had this shocking little bit of insight: If you waterboard a Book People you might be able to get them to discuss what might happen _if_ Barnes & Noble goes bankrupt: it will be bad for old guard publishers. What you won’t hear them say is that the current trend toward digital […]

In Which I Rant About Food and Social Justice Boors

I like Food.  If you’ve read my books, Soda Pop Soldier is a good example (Here’s a post in which I wax on the greatest Burger ever), you’ll know I like to write about food.  Just for the sheer pleasure of it and I think readers enjoy it too.  Food is something, in this age […]

Tactical Star Wars

Fighters, capital ships, infantry… but where’s the armor inside the Star Wars universe.  This great podcast examines the issue.   Armor from a Long Time Ago… Over at Galaxy’s Edge ( A Star Wars style universe you can jump into today) we addressed the armor issue with HUNTER KILLER SCOUT WALKERS (HK-SW) armored sleds, and […]