A Year in the Life of a Banned Book

A year ago this morning I published a book that changed the world. That’s not an extremely arrogant thing to say, and I admit, it sounds a little pompous. But, every book changes the world. Some a little, and some a whole lot.  I like to think this book fell somewhere in the middle. And it […]

The Walking Dead meets The Notebook is FREE Today!

I’m giving this book away for Free, to anyone who wants it, today over on Amazon! It’s The Walking Dead meets The Notebook.  People really liked it.  A lot.  Please SHARE this post so your friends can get it too!   😉 Review “Nick Cole’s novels are hard to put down, and as usual I read […]

What if Anthony Hopkins was your DM in Dungeons and Dragons?

What if Anthony Hopkins was your DM in Dungeons and Dragons? Well, my friend Jason Anspach wrote this awesome post on DM’ing.  He really brings the world to life with his characters and it’s got some great tips on upping your DM game, from an actor’s perspective, for the fun and enjoyment of all. The […]

Dont Tell Me Zombies Aren’t Real!

Like many last night I watched the riots in Berkeley.  Hordes of scary-looking, young, angry people attacking other people in the streets, smashing their way into buildings and burning other people’s stuff. It’s mindless. But they weren’t really protesting, now were they? They were rioting:   You know… attacking people, destroying things,  terrorizing innocent citizens […]

Understanding the Left: The Intellectual Yet Idiot

This is stunning piece by Nassim Nicholas Taleb over at Medium.  The first paragraph nails it and if you only read that far you’ve got the gist.  There’s a pivot going on in the nation, and the world, and the Left doesn’t like it.  Hence the hyperbole, histrionics and faux-rage.  This hits the points we’ve […]

Blog Site Recommendation of the Week: Weaponsman

I dig the site motto over at Weaponsman.com: Quiet Professionals, Noisy Machinery Writers are always writing about firearms (guns.) And sometimes they’re writing about about guns badly.  Nothing is a bigger turn off to a large majority of readers than a writer badly handling a weapon inside a story. It breaks the vibe you’ve so […]

How to Write a Book: Part 5

You’re only going to get one chance with many of your readers. Sad but true. Sometimes that one chance might only consist of a few pages before they dump your book back in the “To Be Returned” pile and bonus round a bad review on Amazon just for kicks. So, we’ve got to do everything […]

Concerned Woman Distraught Europe Hasn’t Invaded To Stop Trump

Jan 24th, 2016. Silverlake, CA A local woman, active in her vegan karate group, is surprised Europe hasn’t reciprocated for liberating the continent during WW2 with an Invasion of America, or at least Trump Tower, as of the week after the Inauguration.  Hours of BBC programming have convinced her that full-scale foreign invasion is the […]