If You Read One Thing Today… Read This: The Meaning of a Life

If you read one thing today… read this: Tim Carney talks about the meaning of a life. Tim Carney: An awful loss, a beautiful life, a daunting task http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/tim-carney-an-awful-loss-a-beautiful-life-a-daunting-task/article/2522421 Life is meaningful.  Any life is meaningful.  In this age of Post Truth there are those who would make everything meaningless in the mindless grab for […]

UPDATE: Video Game News

Well, that super-secret video game I got hired to World Build has just completed its second milestone. After creating characters, and a world filled with societies, civilizations and drama, the team began to build actual models of many of the things that had started out inside my head.  It was amazing!  Their gifts took what […]

DNC seeks to “Science” their Base. And it will FAIL.

“The man of science is a poor philosopher.” -Albert Einstein. After The Martian people have been using “Science” for all kinds of things that aren’t science.  Witty writing is like liquor.  It’ll make you believe things that aren’t true. Since the spectacular demise/implosion/catastrophe that was the Pant-Suited Savior, the DNC has been casting about for […]

China’s SciFi Golden Age is Now!

In the article linked below China is experiencing  a golden age of SciFi writing thanks to an oppressive government and its socialist culture.  I think the same thing is going on here inside the Amazon Indie movement. Non-Cultural Elite Writers (read conservatives and libertarians)  who have no chance at Trad Pub houses, or a Hugo, are […]

Doughnuts: A Love Story

As many of you know… I love doughnuts and coffee.  I was going through my phone and I realize I have a lot of doughnut pics.  Do I have a problem?  Or am I just passionate about a subject. You decide? If people come to visit… or I hook up with friends I get to […]

How to Write a Book: Part Six

Sensei Kreese has some thoughts on how to sell more books.  Do it yourself by building a platform that’s bulletproof. Remember that movie The Karate Kid.  There’s no way that little punk Daniel should have beaten those stone cold killers from the Cobra Kai Dojo.  Really?  Seriously!  Only in Hollywood is a little fruit bat […]

Life Lessons you learn in the Flickering Dark of a Movie Theatre

The movie 16 Blocks starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def has something to offer today.  As everybody wades in on each other.  As Hitlers and Snowflakes cross that line from ideology to personal hatred.  As the world spins out of control… just remember… people can change. The cynical cop played by Bruce Willis states “Times […]

UPDATE: We are Go for California Secession Anthology!

UPDATE: Tom Kratman, Richard Fox, Vox Day and I are finishing up the timeline of the secession and subsequent conflict for our CALEXIT Anthology.  It’s lookin’ pretty sharp.  An armor  invasion of San Francisco. La Raza Brigades and California Militia.  Big Battle at the Grapevine.  Marines fight to hold San Diego and lose the USS […]