Book of the Week Reccomendation

I always like to highlight new authors who are coming in and doing some pretty amazing stuff.  I’ve seen the heart and effort these two new writers have put into their first release and I think its great find you wont be disappointed with. Also, Steve Beaulieu is a graphic artist and he did the […]

Great! The Robots Invented Their Own Secret Language

When I wrote CTRL ALT Revolt! people called me crazy for wondering if Artificial Intelligence might be a little more dangerous than expected.  Actually, no they didn’t.  Science Fiction readers were perfectly willing to believe in monsters of our own making.  Frankenstein anyone? So it seems the Robots are talking to one another in a […]

StarWarsNotStarWars Cover Reveal!

One of the perks of working on a major video game is getting to know some awesome artists.  Scott Flanders is working with me on that cool secret project I’m hoping to talk about soon. I asked him if he might like to develop some book covers for Jason Anspach and I regarding our StarWarsNoStarWars […]

What We’re (Nicole and I) currently listening to in Audiobooks

Nicole and I are currently listening to “My Early Life” by Winston Churchill. Whoever you are… STOP what you’re doing and listen to this book.  First off the narrator is doing a bang up job of actually imitating Churchill.  For my fellow writers you absolutely cannot miss this character.  Shades of him will pop any […]

The Power of the Free Book

Yesterday I did a BookBarbarian promo.  I bought the Top Free spot.  I think it cost me $60 bucks. I gave away over 900 copies. Many writers are groaning, lately, about the free book giveaway sites and newsletters.  The treasure hunters and unsubs. It’s all so hard.  People are starting to drop off the Amazon […]

Pick My Next Project!

I’ve been offered a regular serial in a new pulp magazine that’s launching in a couple of months. I have 3 ideas. Tell me which one you like, and maybe I’ll do that one.  Also add any ideas, thoughts  you have. Idea #1 Its a mashup of the First Alien film and The Thing.  Except […]

What People Ask Me When They Ask Me About Being a Writer

At least a few times a year I get a questionnaire from a student studying writing at a college.  The questions are generally the same and I love to answer them.  Here’s one I did yesterday. I thought you might enjoy it.   1. What made you want to be a writer? Reading books at […]

How the Media Outed Barack Obama

This ObamaGate thing is going to blow up. And the people who blew it up will be the press. Below, a former Justice  department official lays out a seven point case with seven pieces of evidence to show that Barack Obama and the White House he ran was wiretapping private citizens in direct political opposition […]

If You Read One Thing Today… Read This: The Meaning of a Life

If you read one thing today… read this: Tim Carney talks about the meaning of a life. Tim Carney: An awful loss, a beautiful life, a daunting task Life is meaningful.  Any life is meaningful.  In this age of Post Truth there are those who would make everything meaningless in the mindless grab for […]