Insight Writing: Why Readers are Buying Series Fiction

I got this note from a reader last week regarding my Wyrd Series.  I thought it was fascinating. The reader basically outlined why they made their Buy Decisions. This is valuable Intel for us writers during these data-driven days of sales targeting. The reason that I bought the entire set is multiple. I like the […]

Get a Sneak Peak at my Next Book!

At the Helm 2 just went live!  Not only is it a big SciFiPalooza book of SciFi stuffed with SciFi written by the movers and shakers of the Indie SciFi Rev… but it’s got Part One of my next book. A new SciFi series myself and Jason Anspach are calling Galaxy’s Edge.  Plus you get […]

DEAL ALERT!!!: Don’t miss this Ebook! Sale Ends Today!

Hey!  Jasper T. Scott, one of the best SciFi authors working today who is absolutely killing it, has a phenomenal deal on his latest book! It’s just .99 cents and the sale ends today! THE UNIVERSE IS DARKER THAN WE THOUGHT… Lucien Ortane is a Paragon in the Etherian Empire. His job is to explore […]

The Dark Knight is Now Available on Audible!

Book Two of the Wyrd is now available to listen to on Audible!!! The Dark Knight by Nick Cole continues the story begun in The Red King as the survivors band together to build a modern-day castle against a tide of dark forces overrunning Southern California. While Frank and Holiday struggle for power, Ash ventures […]

What’s selling Books Right Now: Drip Campaigns.

I’m always trying to up my game as a writer.  And sometimes that means, no matter who you’re published by, that you’ve got to up your marketing game. Lately, for me, Drip Campaigns have been selling books.  Especially my backlist. What’s a Drip Campaign?  It’s a way to get new subscribers to take a look […]


I’m finishing up the sequel to Soda Pop Soldier. And yes, the enigmatic samurai Wu is back.  Up pops this Documentary rec on Netflix: I’m really digging it and picking up some gems for future projects. For writers it’s got some excellent history, character development and background especially if you’re interested in the poetry behind the […]

This Crazy Star Wars, 11 Year Old Day-Dreamers, and The Force

When I was eleven years old every kid in the neighborhood couldn’t stop talking about this movie called “Star Wars.” Finally, on a twilight early summer evening my parents took me to see it.  If you were alive then you know how it felt to be the first.  The moment the Star Destroyer passed over […]

Tequila and Communism

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about socialism, and even communism. Yesterday some “Intellectual Better” tried to tell everyone in the New York Times op-ed that communism  provided a sense of humanity Americans were looking for. Balderdash! Communism has never worked. It does not work. It will never work. In other words: Trying communism […]

Writer’s Toolbox: Space Chain Mail

It’s usually we Science Fiction writers who inspire NASA and the private sector, and of course Hollywood.  But this seems like something we might bend into a story:  NASA has developed Space Chainmail.  (Like Space Pants… but better) Imagine the story possibilities: A Post Apocalyptic astronaut Dragon Slayer? Medieval combat in Zero G? A […]

CONTROVERSIAL: Who’s Behind Islam?

Oftentimes you’ll hear the non-believing COEXSIST Crowd declaring that the Judeo Christian God of the Bible and Allah are one in the same.  All you have to do is forget all the facts, history, and fruits of each religion to arrive at this idiotic conclusion. But today I’m going to share something a little more […]