CONTROVERSIAL: Who’s Behind Islam?

Oftentimes you’ll hear the non-believing COEXSIST Crowd declaring that the Judeo Christian God of the Bible and Allah are one in the same.  All you have to do is forget all the facts, history, and fruits of each religion to arrive at this idiotic conclusion. But today I’m going to share something a little more […]

Fake Mud Jeans… Death Spiral of the Left

Mike Rowe described the Nordstrom jeans as “a costume for wealthy people who see work as ironic – not iconic.” Something pointed out to me during the CTRL ALT Revolt Debacle was the provincialism of NYC.  Ground Zero for those who would have you believe they are Intellectual Betters.  I now see it everywhere.  I […]

Me and Stephen King wrote a short story…

I recently provided a short story for an anthology put together by Steve Beaulieu and Todd Barselow. And Stephen King. Yep. If you’ve read Stephen King’s brilliant book on how to write a book you’ll find a writing exercise that he asks people to do.  (He even offered to try to read them if you […]

The Tomb is Empty: 12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus

One of the great evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus is the empty tomb.  In other words:  Where’s the body? And if one thinks the disciples stole it then that would make everything they believed a lie, a con in fact… except why would all of them die for a lie?  So… this Resurrection is […]

The Mother of All Hot Tacos

Yesterday, early evening, Nicole and I were drifting around LA before she had to go into the opera.  So of course… Food Adventure. We usually surf Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold’s (affectionately known as J-Gold) reviews.  Boyle Heights, a district in East LA, lured us to Guisado’s. Especially the Chiles Torredeo Taco.  This […]

The Marvel Death Spiral

Over at The Federalist My friend Jon Del Arroz nails why SJWs are bad for business… among other many, many other things they are bad for … I agree with Jon.  I’ve seen our country, culture, and livelihoods destroyed by the recklessness of grievance culture. People like Joss Whedon, Jon Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton […]

Trump “Wiretapped”: It All Makes Sense Now

Throughout the last eight years conservatives got Rick-Rolled constantly.  By their own party in fact. Obamacare never got repealed even though leaders were elected to do such. Gay marriage got legalized when a supposedly conservative Supreme Court justice suddenly bent legal precedent, and the meaning of a word, in order to provide a campaign prop […]


Yup… I’m giving ANOTHER book away FREE TODAY! It’s called Fight the Rooster and it’s a literary dark comedy set in Hollywood.  So… light, camera, action! Go grab it for FREE now from Amazon Now! Celebrity Editor David Gatewood called Fight the Rooster the Best Novel of 2016. It’s the story of one man’s attempt […]

De-Bunking the Myth that God and Reason are Incompatible

One of my favorite philosophers, a man who has debated both Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, reveals some surprising thoughts on Reason, Naturalism and God.  I think you’ll be quite shocked.  Give it a listen…  (advance to the 21 min mark to get started and stay for the Q&A. There were some really tough questions) Live […]

I Identify as Carl Weathers

I identify as Carl Weathers. Apollo Creed.  The merc in Predator.  Action Jackson.  Being all those things would be awesome! I would love to be the actor who played all those roles, and truth be told when the right song comes on the Jazz station and I’ve just worked out and I’m wearing my best […]