Tactical Star Wars

Fighters, capital ships, infantry… but where’s the armor inside the Star Wars universe.  This great podcast examines the issue.


Armor from a Long Time Ago…

Over at Galaxy’s Edge ( A Star Wars style universe you can jump into today) we addressed the armor issue with HUNTER KILLER SCOUT WALKERS (HK-SW) armored sleds, and HUNTER KILLER PLANET POUNDERS (HK-PP).  Plus it’s got Legionnaires (our version of Stormtroopers) and they hit what they aim at.  Check it out Here.

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  1. Miss your regular blog posts. But I guess with the speed you and Anspach are churning out one book after another, it is to be expected. Can’t wait for book 5. Chhun is my personal favourite.

    • Thank you! I’ll did a blog today just because you mentioned it. I’ll try to start doing more. Glad you’re digging the series.

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