In Which I Tell You How To Get the Amazon Best Seller Tag

Last week I published an ebook, and it received the Amazon Bestseller tag for a few days. This tag helps you to increase your sales and it’s vital to the success of your book.

I have waxed eloquent about how to write a book, market it, and some strategies toward approaching the market  successfully . But here’s the one thing that I can talk with you about today that can revolutionize you as an author.  Basically, it’s time to get your garbage out of the way and get a whole lot of writing done. Stop trying to be  Great, and start being prolific.  By writing more you’ll have a statistically better chance at success. Here’s how…

Writing a book can be daunting.  Many people want to do it.  I write several, a year.  Here’s some good advice I got from Chuck Swindoll, that can be applied right now to the creation of a book. But first…

This is how you’re get in the way of You the Writer and preventing your success:

  • attempting too much at once
  • unrealistic time estimates
  • procrastinating
  • lack of specific priorities
  • failure to listen well
  • doing it myself—failure to delegate
  • unable to say no
  • perfectionism—focusing on needless details
  • lack of organization
  • failure to write it down
  • reluctance to get started
  • absence of self-appointed deadlines
  • not doing first things first


And here’s an anecdote with an action plan you can use to  get your book written, published and marketed and headed toward the Amazon Best Seller List with swag tag:

Who hasn’t heard the true story of Charles Schwab and Ivy Lee? Schwab was president of Bethlehem Steel. Lee, a consultant, was given the usual challenge: “Show me a way to get more things done with my time.” Schwab agreed to pay him “anything within reason” if Lee’s suggestion worked. Lee later handed the executive a sheet of paper with the plan:

Write down the most important tasks you have to do tomorrow. Number them in order of importance. When you arrive in the morning begin at once on No. 1 and stay on it until it is completed. Recheck your priorities, then begin with No. 2 . . . then No. 3. Make this a habit every working day. Pass it on to those under you. Try it as long as you like, then send me your check for what you think it’s worth.

That one idea turned Bethlehem Steel Corporation into the biggest independent steel producer in the world within five years.

How much did Schwab pay his consultant? Several weeks after receiving the note, he sent Lee a check for $25,000, admitting it was the most profitable lesson he had ever learned.

So… what’re are you waiting for?

Have a Free Book on me!  It’s Post Apocalyptic Pulp Fiction.

About Nick Cole

Nick Cole is a working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can often be found as a guard for King Phillip the Second of Spain in the Opera Don Carlo at Los Angeles Opera or some similar role. Nick Cole has been writing for most of his life and acting in Hollywood after serving in the U.S. Army. You can also find him on Twitter.

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    • A writer’s job is to write. But there are so many other jobs that go into a writing careeer and the making of a book.
      A lot of those things can waste your time.
      Hire people that can edit, beta read even, do covers, run marketing, build your website, etc. That leaves you more time to write.

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