Get a Sneak Peak at my Next Book!

At the Helm 2 just went live!  Not only is it a big SciFiPalooza book of SciFi stuffed with SciFi written by the movers and shakers of the Indie SciFi Rev… but it’s got Part One of my next book. A new SciFi series myself and Jason Anspach are calling Galaxy’s Edge.  Plus you get awesome stories by a whole bunch of authors.  I encourage you to get this one!  It’s such an awesome deal!

These writers Rock Hard and I’m am so honored to share stories alongside them!  Foreword by Jay Allan and stories by…
Dave Monk Fraser Adams
Jason Anspach / Nick Cole
Andreas Christensen
Elena E. Giorgi
Philip Harris
Mark Healy
Isaac Hooke
Robert Jeschonek
Will McIntosh
Josi Russell
Felix R Savage
Will Swardstrom
Vincent Trigili
Christopher Valin
Rysa Walker
Chris Pourteau
Rhett Bruno
Steve Beaulieu/Aaron C. Hall

About Nick Cole

Nick Cole is a working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can often be found as a guard for King Phillip the Second of Spain in the Opera Don Carlo at Los Angeles Opera or some similar role. Nick Cole has been writing for most of his life and acting in Hollywood after serving in the U.S. Army. You can also find him on Twitter.

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