CONTROVERSIAL: Who’s Behind Islam?

Oftentimes you’ll hear the non-believing COEXSIST Crowd declaring that the Judeo Christian God of the Bible and Allah are one in the same.  All you have to do is forget all the facts, history, and fruits of each religion to arrive at this idiotic conclusion.

But today I’m going to share something a little more controversial than usual.  A little more supernatural.  So hang on….

A front line missionary for Christ, literally working within feet of ISIS was given this prophetic revelation as to the true nature of Islam, and who exactly, is running that circus of insanity:

So when Fadi the ISIS fighter appeared walking toward Abraham’s home to kill him, Abraham was ready. He heard the Lord say in his spirit: “Speak to him strongly and directly; don’t be afraid.”
Abraham said to him boldly, “The Qu’ran is from Satan, Mohammad is the prophet of Satan, and the God of Islam is Lucifer himself.”

Just stop and think about that for a second.  Whether you’re a Christian, a skeptic seeking answers in a universe that’s maybe more complicated than we understand, or a thinking person open to aliens and lengthy debates on the nature of the Marvel universe and mutant powers… that’s a stunning revelation that there are opposing sides.  Good and Evil. But then again… all you have to do is really look at Islam to know that it’s cancer.  Genital mutilation. Jihad. Syria. Throwing Gays off rooftops. Oppression of Women. 9-11. France. Charlie Hebdo. Child Molestation. Honor Killings. Anti- Semitism. Daniel Pearl. The Boston Marathon. San Bernardino. Fort Hood. Etc. Etc.

Of course it’s Satanic. Who else hates humanity that much?

And yeah… it’s totally the opposite of Jesus who told everyone to “love one another.”

Here’s the whole article from VOM.  It’s worth the read:

Yeah.  This article will probably get blocked by Facebook, Google and the rest for Hate Speech… but who cares.  I’m already banned by the DoD for daring to offend people with the truth.  So be it. Here’s a book I wrote about the end of the world.

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