DNC seeks to “Science” their Base. And it will FAIL.

“The man of science is a poor philosopher.” -Albert Einstein.

After The Martian people have been using “Science” for all kinds of things that aren’t science.  Witty writing is like liquor.  It’ll make you believe things that aren’t true.

Since the spectacular demise/implosion/catastrophe that was the Pant-Suited Savior, the DNC has been casting about for a new savior to get their grubby little hands on some power once more.  Someone edgy and cool who’s outside the box.  Someone who doesn’t believe in all this religious nonsense that needs to be kow-towed to during every election cycle.  A thinker. A bright.  A Person of Science.

Yeah, the rumbling war drums have been making such sounds deep in the dark jungle of howling madness that is the Left these days.  The Left, ever obsessed with categorizing (Really a form of racism), has been hinting at a science platform for the next election.  They’re starting to try out a few candidates.  Even Bill Nye (Not actually a Scientist but a “Science Guy”) is doing a little debate thing with Bernie. That’s like a liberal-lefty-my-copy-of-Dawkins-helps-me-sleep-at-night- dream come true isn’t it?

But wait a second…

See that Einstein quote at the top.

“The man of science is a poor philosopher.” -Albert Einstein

See… politics is about theory and philosophy.  Not quantifiable data, or let’s just face it, the truth.  Y’know… What Science used to be about before it slept with the Left and got used to pass off Climate Change as legit science.  Politics is about emotions and feelz.  Real science is about evidence that leads to a conclusion.  Not what you want the conclusion  to be so that it serves your own petty ends.  Example: Remember when the Fake Newz told everyone that The Mighty Pant Suit was going to smash some glass ceilings.  But wait… things went horribly, or delightfully, awry.  Depends on how you look at it I guess.  Politics is about personality and charisma.   And nothing says the opposite of that than Dr, Nerdstrom and his double-overhead on the Life-Cycle of a Three Toed Sloth.  And, yes, again… it is about philosophy.  It’s about reading the people and advocating what they want.  It’s about going against the grain despite the data.  It’s about being a Churchill in a party full of Chamberlain’s.  Both parties pursue their  political philosophies of social culture toward a bright horizon.  Here is where the Left will Fail in choosing Science as a platform:  People don’t vote based on the facts.  They vote, especially the Left, based on their Feelz.

Hard data and facts don’t mean votes.  Otherwise the warnings would’ve been heeded that Barack Obama was not a moderate, even though the DNC and every pundit on the Fake Newz was telling you he was.  He wasn’t.  He is a hardcore Alinsky-ite leftist Marxist . People knew this,  The facts were there.  The facts were ignored.  Eight years of tyranny and oppression and failure in almost every arena later and everybody now knows exactly what he is.

But maybe there’s some hope for the Science Candidate.  Maybe we can have a President Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Lately, in Science, everything’s been changing to fit the narrative.  Global Warming became Climate Change.  Seas were supposed to rise.  Ice was supposed to melt. The corpses of dead Polar Bears and bees were to be stepped over.  Mind the stingers and claws please.  New York city was supposed to have been underwater two years ago.

Lately with Science…

Time and matter are always changing.  The facts are always changing.

So if you want to appeal to a base of voters who aren’t so big on the facts but love to be terror-mongered… then maybe a Wild-Haired Prophet of Doom from the Science Community with all the “Correct” opinions is the way to go.

I say… Go for it DNC!  You’re base is little more than frightened children and spoiled brats who need a constant devil to motivate them to come out for you.

But there is this to consider…

The truth is absolute.

So if  you’re a science candidate who’s constantly fiddling with the numbers on the age of the universe, and global warming, and whether sugar or animal fats are bad for you….How can you be trusted by the truth seekers.

If the DNC was smart they’d see the Science Candidate for the folly that it is.  You might as well bring back Her Pant-Suitedness for another crack at that supposed Glass Ceiling and the Fake War on Women.


People are dying for the truth, as opposed to Fake Newz that kept Obama and the rest of his gang afloat.  They know the hard data of  the ObamaCare failure and the state of their bank accounts.  They are not as stupid as the DNC would have you believe.  Ever-changing “Science” to fit the narrative wont sell.  Seriously… these are the people telling you there are countless genders despite the evidence of DNA.

Science is merely a brilliant means of Investigation, when it pursues the truth.  And, only the truth.

And that’s noble and awesome.  Don’t sully it by using it for cheap political theatrics to get back in the limos of power.

The man of science is a poor philosopher. -Albert Einstein Click To Tweet

Here’s a book I wrote.  It’s about everything that could go horribly wrong if we allow Socialism to breed.  People thought it was funny.  And scary.  Some people got angry.  But that was funny too.


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