Going Full SJW: Bookstores Attempt to Kamikaze Trump

Front Tables filled with #Resist lit instead of books by authors.  Free giveaways of Rad Fem books no one would normally buy. Bookstores are going Full Social Justice Warrior at the expense of author livelihoods.

Readers love to be scolded by perpetually-aggrieved “Do-Gooders” constantly reminding them of false concepts like “privilege” and “gender fluidity.”  That’s so much more fun than just picking up a great book to read.  Awesome!  Now books from your local bookstore come with a healthy slice of self-righteous virtue signaling from some purple-haired English major dropout who can’t even count back change.

Yup.  Big Pub is dead.  This, combined with the Sensitivity Reader program is pure gold.  And by “gold” I mean deadly radioactive waste. Told ya big pub was Hard Left, bigoted, and out of ideas.  Always remember:  SJWs are bad for business. Trad Pub authors… get out while you can.  Learn how to be Indie because you will be sooner than later.  They’re not interested in selling your books.  They want to crash them into the deck of the carrier.  I’ll give you a free book at the bottom of the page to get you started over at Amazon.

Bookstores Give Americans Yet Another Reason To Root For Amazon To Stamp Them Out

Here’s Free Book to get you started over on Amazon.  Good times.  No hassle.  Just fun books and whatever.


Sadly True.

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  1. Man I love your writing, it’s really something new and creative, a breath of fresh air. I bought Ctrl Alt Revolt paperback from Castalia House, its one of my prized possessions. Thanks for the free book!

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