The Best CyberPunk Noir Thriller of The Year!

Robert Kroese is the SciFi writer of the moment.

Bold Statement.

Let me expand.

I got an Insider Copy straight from his publisher, Thomas Dunne Books, a few weeks back.  I was asked to read and comment.  I read and had the time of my life.  I could tell you this is a fun little call-back on PKD and Blade Runner.  But that would be understating this.  Instead its as though that book (Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep) met up with William Gibson’s Neuromancer and decided to write the next season of True Detective for AMC (Not HBO) as an homage to the greatest detective fiction writer of all time, Raymond Chandler.

Even though Chandler was hilarious… Kroese is absolutely Seinfeld-ian.  He brutally employs a dry, sarcastic wit of observational commentary/comedy on an age of ludicrous celebrity and self worship.

And funny is fine.  Some books dine on it all day.  In fact that’s the only thing on the menu sometimes.  But what if that highly imaginative future horror cyberpunk tongue-in-cheek wisecracking detective actually had to solve a puzzle easily worthy of an Umberto Eco thriller?  You’d need Sherlock Holmes to solve that level of smart.

Robert Kroese nails it.

So maybe some big time editor or PR Ninja wants a blurb to tack on the Amazon site for this book. Happy to oblige. Here’s what I would say:

“Rob Kroese > Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson, Raymond Chandler and Umberto Eco.  The Big Sheep is the CyberPunk Novel of the Year!  It should probably get nom’d for a Booker.  Seriously.” -Nick Cole, author of CTRL ALT Revolt and The Old Man and the Wasteland.

Check out a sample here…

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  1. I keep reading about this book, and would love to read it, but can’t imagine paying that price for an ebook. I really don’t understand the pricing, knowing the kind of typography and material costs that go into a print book. It just doesn’t correlate to ebooks. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll find it at the library.

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