Pod-Casters Talk Fallout Novel Possibilities

The kind pod-casters of the premier Fallout show, Fallout: Off the Record, talked Fallout novel adaptions and put me up as a an author possibility.

Bethesda folks, including Uncle Pete, have often interacted with the “off The Record” folks, so I was excited when they talked about my post apocalyptic novel The Old Man and the Wasteland and suggested me as a possibility for tackling the Fallout novel that needs to happen.  This episode is fun, talks hardcore Fallout, and has some great ideas about what they’d like to see in a novelization.  Neat stuff.  Listen here to the whole cast or head toward the end to check out the novel talk.  It’s a great podcast and the whole show is really fun.


Here’s a preview of the novel from Amazon (you can read it in-browser!)

About Nick Cole

Nick Cole is a working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can often be found as a guard for King Phillip the Second of Spain in the Opera Don Carlo at Los Angeles Opera or some similar role. Nick Cole has been writing for most of his life and acting in Hollywood after serving in the U.S. Army. You can also find him on Twitter.

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