The .99 Cent SciFi Book that got 940 Amazon Reviews

old-man-wasteland1A few years back I wrote a novel called The Old Man and the Wasteland.  Like I said it got 940 reviews on Amazon (4.5 stars)  and 3,383 on Goodreads.  I was looking at the stats today and for a little novel that was just my homage to Hemingway and the video game Fallout… it’s done pretty well.  A lot of writers are asking how they can achieve success or make an impact within the world of books.  Sure, there are lots of people who will knockout a “ten best” list that may or may not help you.  I’m not saying I can help you.  But, condensed, here are some of my thoughts about writing.  Consider them and take what works for you.  Oh, and maybe consider buying the book.  It’s just .99cents!  It’s Hemingway meets the End of the World.

1. Only write six days a week.  If God can rest so can you.

2. Write and don’t look back. mad_max_2_picture_wallpaper

3. Be awful to your characters.image

4. Imitate the greats.Ursus_2

Ringmaster5. Don’t offend people.

Shocking is overrated and overdone and boorish.  It’s a cheap way to entertain people and it’s been done too much.  Instead, weave, craft and cut to tell an intriguing tale.  Challenge yourself to make your writing accessible to everyone.  One of the strengths of John Grisham’s novels as told by him is that you can read his books and hand them to your grandmother or your teenager and not feel embarrassed by anything within.  John Grisham sells a lot of novels.

Get The Book!

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Nick Cole is a working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can often be found as a guard for King Phillip the Second of Spain in the Opera Don Carlo at Los Angeles Opera or some similar role. Nick Cole has been writing for most of his life and acting in Hollywood after serving in the U.S. Army. You can also find him on Twitter.

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