5 Books that Just Changed Publishing

Last month, on February 23rd, Wonderment Media launched five books in one day.  Why did this change publishing?  It changed publishing because this is the first time that’s ever been done.  A bunch of writers got together, without a big publisher to protect them from themselves (actually with a publisher called Wonderment Media, which is basically just made up of writers) and began to tell shared stories within a massive story arc.  Basically they made mayhem and had a lot of fun doing it.  This is the digital media revolution being maximized and I hope you didn’t miss it.

The BookVerse is called Apocalypse Weird.  It’s a big SciFi story about a series of civilization-ending events and the heroes, villains, tragedies and mysteries that unfold.  It’s going to take about five years to tell the whole story and yes, they know the endgame.  But, right now it’s kicking off with five of the Indie movement’s best authors.  I read all five and I was duly impressed.  I even wrote a couple of books inside the AW myself.  But let me take a moment and tell you about the others.  I think you’re going to find their books are pretty cool takes on Post Apocalyptia.

Reversal is a Climate Change Game Changer written by Jennifer Ellis, an actual Scientist who spends her days studying such doomsday catastrophes.  It’s a hip, slick ride through the arctic and the action literally does not stop.  But here’s the really cool thing:  Undead Polar Bears.  Take that Lost!
Chris Pourteau basically took drugs and mixed with the SuperMax population of darkest Texas for this brutal tale of Hurricanes and psychos in The Serenity Strain.  Pourteau and I write in a very similar manner.  He’s thoughtful, poignant, and not afraid to kill his darlings.  This book ends starkly and promises an adventure worthy of the Greyhawk legend.
ImmunityOur other Scientist (what, your multi-writer BookVerse only has one?)  actually works at AREA 51 and yes, she had to get permission to publish this book.  I’m just going to say this:  If surfing WEBMD makes your nervous, Immunity is going to freak you out.  It’s fun.  It’s scary and I’m really interested to see where E.E. Giorgi wants to go next, virally speaking.
Kim WellsI’m gonna say this and it’s probably going to go straight to this author’s head.  But, who cares.  Kim Wells is probably the heir-apparent to Anne Rice.  She murders her way through N’Awlins and turns the SuperDome into Thunderdome.  And there’re bloodthirsty mermaids in the water.  So… go get this one.  It’s lyrically beautiful and pretty dark, while being pretty and dark.
Phoenix LightsEric Tozzi actually worked at JPL.  He was their documentary producer.   For this little slice of the Apocalypse Weird, Tozzi went into the collective memory hole and found the Phoenix Lights incident from way back in 1997 when Y2K was a thing we were s’posed to be concerned about.  I read Tozzi’s first book, The Scout, and I’m here to say that this book is even better.  In short, it’s X-Files meets a whole lot of Independence Day inside a Dust Storm.  It’s unhinged.  And it’s pretty thrilling.

These five books just changed the publishing landscape.  

They were written by writers writing together and published by writers using the awesome media of Digital Publishing.  They rock!  They’re fun and not held down by the conventional GroupThink of Big Pub.  In fact, all the writers collaborated and encouraged each other and even allowed a few characters to wander from one book to the next (that happens out there in the Apocalypse Weird).  In short, they were the GroupThink.  And it was totally creative and if you ever wanted to see what that looked like, well, this is it.  Pure creativity.  

And you know what? It worked.  Publishing just got changed.  

Click on the books to find out more and then buy them and get started.  I linked right to the ‘Zon because I wanted you to see the amazing amount of awesome reviews these books have already received.  

Things are about to get very, very weird.  -Nick

About Nick Cole

Nick Cole is a working actor living in Southern California. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can often be found as a guard for King Phillip the Second of Spain in the Opera Don Carlo at Los Angeles Opera or some similar role. Nick Cole has been writing for most of his life and acting in Hollywood after serving in the U.S. Army. You can also find him on Twitter.

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  1. I just finished The Dark Knight. loved it! I did place a review on Amazon and now I’m here at nickcolebooks.com to let you know that I did that. Review title is something along the lines of “If you like fantasizing about post-apocalypse living, this book’s for you!” I am very eager to read the next installment. You and the other authors have a great concept going here – the setting, the writing and the publishing and marketing are all about looking at things a little differently.

  2. Nick,
    Is there an order these should be read? I read the arctic one and it was pretty good are they linked somehow?

    • Under the old AW they were all linked. AW went out of biz. But I’m still continuing my series now just called The Wyrd Books

        • Yeah your stuff is definitely linked not sure how though. I didn’t miss silas in lost castle though and of course the man in black makes an appearance in tunnel rat’s and lost castle. So I know there’s something going on. You’ve got something sneaky going on.

          • It’s all connected and I know how. But yes… it’s a fun game to play. Especially if you like puzzles.

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