I’ll be releasing the cover for the sequel to my novel Apocalypse Weird: The Red King on Monday Afternoon.  I thought I’d let Jennifer Ellis and Chris Pourteau bask in the glow of their new covers for the Big Launch Day on February 23rd!

image    image

Mike Corley did an awesome job!  No wonder he’s the best cover artist available today.  (Prolly not for much longer.  Big Pub is starting to pay him very well for his time). These Apocalypse Weird stories are going to be wild, strange and very exciting. As you can tell from these covers, Jennifer Ellis and Chris Pourteau have written some crazy trips into the Apocalypse Weird universe.  If you’re not sure what it’s all about go check out

While we wait for the Monday cover reveal for my book Apocalypse Weird: The Dark Knight consider checking out a novel I’ve got out that’s on sale for just .99 cents!  Thanks and see ya Monday.  Have a great weekend read!!!

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  1. Hey Nick. I just posted my review of the Dark Knight on Amazon. My screen name is Liberty5. Thanks for the awesome book.

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