Celebrity Advertising


Most celebrities, especially the actors, are literally, professional liars. And when you begin to look at their lifestyle, from the unrealistic wealth you and I will never see, to the amount of divorces, drug and alcohol problems and lawsuits they accumulate, they’re not actually savory people. Not even really nice people in fact, unless they’re […]

Detour into the Twilight Zone: Discovering A New Author…


I took a little short story break this week and discovered a brand new author.  His name is Matthew Hanover and he’s got the Rod Serling hook.  He wrote a tight little short story I really enjoyed called The Last Stop. I loved it enough to leave an Amazon review (please leave reviews it really […]

Ted Kostmatka’s Flicker Men is Great SciFi!

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When I’m not writing books I’m reading other people’s books.  A book I just finished last night and highly reccomend is Ted Kosmatka’s Flicker Men! Here’s my Amazon review (Yes.  Always leave reviews for writers its really a big help) “Kostmatka expertly dives deep into the quantum spookiness of the unknown, where science gets weird […]

A SciFi Writer Playing Dungeons and Dragons


I write SciFi novels.  Anyone on this page knows that I like to write about Post Apocalyptic Wastelands and Video Game Wonderlands gone horribly terminal.  Killer A.I.’s and such. It was while writing Soda Pop Soldier, a novel set in a dark future where Gaming has gone pro and players can either fight for corporations […]

The Best CyberPunk Noir Thriller of The Year!


Robert Kroese is the SciFi writer of the moment. Bold Statement. Let me expand. I got an Insider Copy straight from his publisher, Thomas Dunne Books, a few weeks back.  I was asked to read and comment.  I read and had the time of my life.  I could tell you this is a fun little […]

Undead Dwarves comin’ Outta the Walls, Man!


Welcome to the hilarious podcast, SciFi Writers Playing Old School Dungeons and Dragons.  Zings, riffs and incompetent mayhem abound as our bard once again gets in well over his jingle ball hat! The party is back and now they’re hacking and slashing their way through the dungeons of the lost Dwarven fortress of Baldorak.  Episode […]

Kill the Robots: Defending Yourself from Drones


In this age of information as power, drones are a new and dangerous threat to your personal privacy. Here are few ways to neutralize this latest assault on your freedom. In the book  CTRL ALT Revolt I talk about an Artificial Intelligence attempting to abort humanity before humanity can abort it.  A large part of […]

Go Deep and Get Ready for Battlefield One

Gun crew from Regimental Headquarters Company, 23rd Infantry, firing 37mm gun during an advance against German entrenched positions.  1918. (Army)
Exact Date Shot Unknown
NARA FILE #:  111-SC-94980

Last week EA announced the spectacularly brilliant Battlefield One. The Next game in the classic FPS Battlefield shooter.  And it was brilliant.  Right down to even naming it Battlefield One.  Why?  Because they’re going straight back to biggest war of all.  Ever.  World War One.  Most people, including me, have no concept of actually how […]