Top 5 Things to Do now that you’ve seen Mad Max


Now that you’ve seen the Post Apocalyptic Epic “Mad Max: Fury Road” you’re probably ready for more of the Wasteland after the end of world as we know it.  Well, here’s some thoughts on what you can do next from a guy who makes his living in Post Apocalyptia.

Top 5 Things ScFi Writers Do while Wrecking the Future


  We drink Coffee at Blue Bottle in Downtown LA while contemplating Warp Drive, Vampires and what it would be like to live on a boat. Then we go to sprinkles for an off menu Banana Cake and Caramel Cupcake.  Y’know cause writing prose takes it out of you. Did we mention there’re street tacos outside […]

End of the Worlds Colliding… in a good way!


Being a Post Apocalyptic author I get to meet a lot of people who imagine dire consequences just for fun.  Y’know fun.  Movies.  Books.  Games.  Fun.  Recently I wrote a post about End of the World fiction and I got a shout out from Wade K. Savage, director extraordinaire of the awesome post apocalyptic film: […]

The New Apocalypse Weird Novels…


On Friday we announced our next round of Apocalypse Weird Authors.  Today we’d like to tell you a little bit about the stories they’re developing Michael Patrick Hicks, author of the breath-taking Convergence, takes us into space with Apocalypse Weird: Objects in Motion (Wyrd Spaces) “The apocalypse reaches new heights as terror strikes the International Space […]

What if Everything Bad Happened… In a Book


  Sometimes, when you imagine the worst, you imagine more than you should.  When that one thing in your life goes wrong and you extrapolate out how the car breaking down is going to end your marriage and send you to a homeless shelter where you’ll die of viral ultra scabies. I call that, “What if […]

The .99 Cent SciFi Book that got 940 Amazon Reviews


  A few years back I wrote a novel called The Old Man and the Wasteland.  Like I said it got 940 reviews on Amazon (4.5 stars)  and 3,383 on Goodreads.  I was looking at the stats today and for a little novel that was just my homage to Hemingway and the video game Fallout… […]

Post Apocalyptia is the Only Acceptable Schadenfreude


For most people the world ending is a source of fear, trepidation, concern even.  Some go to great lengths to survive promised nuclear Armageddons or threatened global pandemics.  Supplies are purchased in bulk, skills are learned, weapons stockpiled, all in hopes of surviving the worst case scenario ever imagined by the writers of any Bruckheimer summer blockbuster.  But for others, it’s the ultimate game of Survivor. For these, the end of the world is a source of pleasure.  Reading pleasure, that is.

The Digital Publishing Revolution Game Changer


  As the War between Trad Publishing, INDIES and Amazon escalates what can you, as a writer and a reader, do about it? Probably not much.  Just keep your head down and keep writing, or reading.  Well, that’s what we’ve been doing over at Apocalypse Weird.  We, twenty or so writers and pretty much everyone […]


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