Apocalypse Justice: Someone’s got to walk the line


So let’s say it all goes sideways because the economy is booming and the Wars in the Middle East are being won with the barest of efforts and community relations between the various societal tribes are “never better”.  Let’s just say. But, it all goes sideways anyways. A lot of articles focus on storing up […]

SciFi Writers Playing Old School D&D: Episode 3

Episode 3

Hey were back with Episode 3, “The Wandering City”. Our party journeyed farther into the desert wasteland in search of a mysterious Saurian held prisoner by the Nomadic Drow.  Much fun, hilarity and many critical failures were had.  You can check out previous episodes over at our website OldSchoolDnD.com Bard, Ranger, Barbarian, Cleric, Monk and […]

My Apocalyptic Recommendation for Your Tommorow


The two nicest people I know in SciFi are Andy Weir, yeah that guy who wrote some book called The Martian (I think Marc Paul Gosselar is making the movie right now) and Matthew Mather.  Mather currently has a Planet-Killer Thrill Ride SciFi book that’s climbing the Must Read Lists like a fiend.  The Buzz […]

SciFi Writers Playing Old School Dungeons and Dragons EPISODE 2

Episode 2

Hey all- We’re up with Episode Two of Scifi Writers Playing Old School D and D.  This week’s show features the backstory of all the characters, an interview and our Random Encounter feature.  It’s a nice short episode between adventures.  A lot of people wanted to know more about our characters so we thought we […]

Scfi Writers Playing Old School Dungeons and Dragons

Old School

So, we just started a new podcast.  It’s a bunch of SciFi Writers playing Dungeons and Dragons. Remember that game from the 80’s that you were too nerdy to admit you actually played?  Well, we’ve embraced our inner nerd (after all we are SciFi writers: “what are we holding on to”), and we’ve started a […]

When it all goes Sideways: Your Urban Fortress


What happens if it all goes sideways and you’re dead center in the middle of an Urban Wasteland turned tomorrow’s hunting ground for some, and the modern battlefield, for others? Chances are you’re going to need a secure location to gather supplies, put up defenses, get some rest and organize for the future. Well then… have you considered the modern apartment/town home complex?

When it all goes Sideways: How to make a Beeline for Water!


I wrote a PA book set in the epic Sonoran desert that surrounds Tucson. In the process of writing the book I needed to understand how to survive in this incredibly hostile wilderness.  One of the skills the Old Man learned in the book is one you can use almost anywhere.  It’s a little trick on how to find water, real fast.


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