How to Write a Book: Part Three


Last week we discussed how to break your book down into four sentences.  Or, what’s called: an elevator pitch.  That exercise took you from the top of the book to the bottom of the book. Every writer should do this if they can.  It’s a great roadmap to have before you get started writing. It will […]

How to Write a Book: Part Two


Last week we discussed How to Write a Book, Part One.  Basically you want, in one sentence to tell yourself what this book is about.  We haven’t even written a word yet.  This week we’re going to take the next step.  We are going to describe what the book is about in just four sentences.  Four […]

How to Write a Book: Part One


A lot of people ask me how to write a book.  Sometimes I’ll just be sitting in a cafe and engaging strangers about the book on the table in front of them.  Why?  Because I’m a writer and I like to know what people are reading.  I also love books. Invariably they’ll find out I’m […]

Celebrity Advertising


Most celebrities, especially the actors, are literally, professional liars. And when you begin to look at their lifestyle, from the unrealistic wealth you and I will never see, to the amount of divorces, drug and alcohol problems and lawsuits they accumulate, they’re not actually savory people. Not even really nice people in fact, unless they’re […]

Detour into the Twilight Zone: Discovering A New Author…


I took a little short story break this week and discovered a brand new author.  His name is Matthew Hanover and he’s got the Rod Serling hook.  He wrote a tight little short story I really enjoyed called The Last Stop. I loved it enough to leave an Amazon review (please leave reviews it really […]

Ted Kostmatka’s Flicker Men is Great SciFi!

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When I’m not writing books I’m reading other people’s books.  A book I just finished last night and highly reccomend is Ted Kosmatka’s Flicker Men! Here’s my Amazon review (Yes.  Always leave reviews for writers its really a big help) “Kostmatka expertly dives deep into the quantum spookiness of the unknown, where science gets weird […]

A SciFi Writer Playing Dungeons and Dragons


I write SciFi novels.  Anyone on this page knows that I like to write about Post Apocalyptic Wastelands and Video Game Wonderlands gone horribly terminal.  Killer A.I.’s and such. It was while writing Soda Pop Soldier, a novel set in a dark future where Gaming has gone pro and players can either fight for corporations […]

The Best CyberPunk Noir Thriller of The Year!


Robert Kroese is the SciFi writer of the moment. Bold Statement. Let me expand. I got an Insider Copy straight from his publisher, Thomas Dunne Books, a few weeks back.  I was asked to read and comment.  I read and had the time of my life.  I could tell you this is a fun little […]