Writing Well: GameNoir, a New Genre that needs Writers

There’s a new genre in town and it needs writers to grow. It’s had some success with hits like Ready Player One and my own Soda Pop Soldier,but others are going to have to come along and do some of the heavy lifting.Tell some great stories set inside the world of gaming. So what is […]

We’re Looking for Writers: Apocalypse Weird

Apocalypse Weird

  Hi All- Consider this a HELP WANTED  sign.  Yes, we at Apocalypse Weird are looking for writers.  Right now we have our TIER ONE writers busily destroying the Apocalypse Weird Universe.  We have some TIER TWO writers who’re developing pitches and full stories to set in already-TIER ONE developed areas of the Apocalypse Weird Sandbox. […]

The Book You Need to BUY Today!


My good friend and writing partner, Michael Bunker, is on sale today.  Maybe you don’t know about him.  But you should.  You should know that he’s a great writer, a groundbreaking Indie who’s been held up as an example on “How to do it right!” by the bestsellers in the biz of pub.  Michael and […]

Apocalypse WeirdYes, this is Big Apocalypse Weird News.  Tomorrow, sometime in the early afternoon, we’ll be dropping something big on the digital landscape.  Something that changes the  Digital Publishing game.

In effect… we’re throwing down the gauntlet.


Tomorrow people are going to find out what the Apocalypse Weird is all  about.  After that… hold onto your hats.  If you’re a reader we’re going to give you all the books you can read.  If you’re a geek we’re going to drop the mic and let you have your fill of Easter eggs, secrets, labyrinths and bonus swag you can earn just by following clues, paying attention and encouraging us to keep trying to outwit you.  And if you’re a writer it’s time to step up and strike a Macho Monkey Karate Death Chop Pose.  This AW is big.  Big enough for you to take a chance with us and share some of your writing.  You can go for a straight up pitch to editor Ellen Campbell or you can sign on for our version of Thunderdome: AW Survivors.  A place where you’ll be able to post your fractured fairy tale and let the masses vote.  If they dig it, and we do too, why we might just let you break our stuff.

So, tomorrow the world changes.  We’ve been developing this for a long time and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it.  Get ready, because tomorrow we ride…

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Something Big Will Happen Tomorrow


WRITING (Eating) Well: Apocalypse Burger


  If you’ve read my books you’ve probably figured out I like to eat. Well, it’s Thursday and I thought I’d take a little break and hip you to an Apocalypse Burger.   It’s not the Kobe Burger with Stilton Bleu Cheese and topped with a Port Reduction Drizzle  served with a side of  Duck […]

INSIDE JOB: Big Stars and how not to break up with your readers.

Big Stars

Maybe you heard about the Sony Hack Info Dump that went down last week, and as of Monday bright and early, seems to continue like some under-cranked slow motion karate film where a guy pulls out his enemy’s heart from ten different camera angles, over and over, again and again. Which is pretty much how […]

INSIDE JOB: Write for Apocalypse Weird

Apocalypse Weird

  So we launched our first Apocalypse Weird novel last week. Reviews are coming in (52 so far) and we’re getting a lot of IM’s and emails from writer’s wanting to jump in and participate. So here’s the great news… That’s exactly what we wanted to have happen. We want everyone to help us build […]

Writing Well: Bad Guys

Agent Smith

  Top 5 Post-Apocalyptic Villains in film come to Real life at World’s End. Or, the Top 5 Problems you’re going to face when our civilization ends. I’ll rank them in order of scariness.  As in, yes they might seem personally scary when you’re face to face with them, but as you’ll see, some can […]


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