Go Deep and Get Ready for Battlefield One

Gun crew from Regimental Headquarters Company, 23rd Infantry, firing 37mm gun during an advance against German entrenched positions.  1918. (Army)
Exact Date Shot Unknown
NARA FILE #:  111-SC-94980

Last week EA announced the spectacularly brilliant Battlefield One. The Next game in the classic FPS Battlefield shooter.  And it was brilliant.  Right down to even naming it Battlefield One.  Why?  Because they’re going straight back to biggest war of all.  Ever.  World War One.  Most people, including me, have no concept of actually how […]

Burger Time!


If you know me (Follow me?  The whole “Follower” thing is turning people into minor third world dictators. Followers?!?  What, are we issuing edicts now?) So, if you know me on social media then you know that I’m a foodie.  I frequently post pics of doughnuts from Sidecar Doughnuts.  Or, various cool restaurants I hit […]

Publishing: What I might have done Differently…

CAR Favicon

I just did an interview yesterday and I was asked the question, as a writer who’s had both Trad and Indie Success:  What I might have done differently in hindsight about publishing books.  I think the answer I gave will surprise you, and, I also talk about two things writers can do right now, and […]

Apocalypse Tomorrow Meditation Fuel

1358113_large (1)

Artist Isacc Kim over at his page on CG Society created this brilliantly evocative picture of a a very lonely tomorrow.  Thought’ I’d share with everyone.  It’s art like this that can get you thinking about everything from projects you’re working on to how you’ll vote in this next election.  Take a moment and mediate on […]

Mind Blowing Talk on Science and God


There’s been a lot of talk about Science and Religion being incompatible.  I found this lecture, given just this week by Oxford Mathematician John Lennox, to be an excellent analysis of the current debate and the absolute pinnacle of the argument that Science has not buried God.  If you’re interested in this topic I think […]

Take a Moonlight Drive and Get Wyrd!


This morning I just launched a new short story set in the Wyrd, a post apocalyptic horror series. What is the Wyrd…? Imagine a world where a lot of stuff is going wrong all at once.  Not just zombies, but different types of undead carnivores. Rogue A.I.’s, cuthuloid monsters that walk in the misty night […]

Drunken Dwarven Ghost Monks, or, how the Werewolf almost TPK’d Us


Hey all the latest episode of SciFi Writers Playing Old School D&D is up!  We had a couple of really awesome guest stars and we almost got TPK’d.  That means Total Party Kill!  THings are getting werider and weirder deep beneath the lost Dwarven Fortress of Baldorak deep within a lonely massif lost somewhere in […]

One Free Zombie Book, Please!


Today you can get a FREE Zombie Book! I’m giving away a book called The Red King.  You can get if FREE right now and I’d appreciate it if you’d tell your friends who like to read by sharing this post. Here’s what its about… “The end of the world is only the beginning as […]

I’ll be on Fallout: Off the Record, Tonight!!!


The gang at Fallout: Off The Record will be interveiwing me tonight!  The Old Man and the Wasteland is one of their favorite Fallout-esque novels and they mentioned it a few weeks back, and me as an author if there ever was to be a Fallout Novelization (Wait?!?!  Why isn’t there one?). You can listen […]

Nick Cole on Geek Gab!


I did the really fun Geek Gab podcast over the weekend with  hosts Jasyn Jones, Brian Niemeier.  We talked about the state of SciFi with regards to me getting “Black-Balled” over at Harper Collins.  And we had a lot fun.  Super fun, intelligent witty conversation by geeks who love SciFi for all the right reasons. […]


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