Doughnuts: A Love Story

As many of you know… I love doughnuts and coffee.  I was going through my phone and I realize I have a lot of doughnut pics.  Do I have a problem?  Or am I just passionate about a subject. You decide? If people come to visit… or I hook up with friends I get to […]

How to Write a Book: Part Six

Sensei Kreese has some thoughts on how to sell more books.  Do it yourself by building a platform that’s bulletproof. Remember that movie The Karate Kid.  There’s no way that little punk Daniel should have beaten those stone cold killers from the Cobra Kai Dojo.  Really?  Seriously!  Only in Hollywood is a little fruit bat […]

Life Lessons you learn in the Flickering Dark of a Movie Theatre

The movie 16 Blocks starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def has something to offer today.  As everybody wades in on each other.  As Hitlers and Snowflakes cross that line from ideology to personal hatred.  As the world spins out of control… just remember… people can change. The cynical cop played by Bruce Willis states “Times […]

UPDATE: We are Go for California Secession Anthology!

UPDATE: Tom Kratman, Richard Fox, Vox Day and I are finishing up the timeline of the secession and subsequent conflict for our CALEXIT Anthology.  It’s lookin’ pretty sharp.  An armor  invasion of San Francisco. La Raza Brigades and California Militia.  Big Battle at the Grapevine.  Marines fight to hold San Diego and lose the USS […]

Man Claims Right Wing Book Caused PTSD

-Park Slope, NYC Evan Fein-Epstein received his first manuscript from Tonkler and Huff Publishing last Wednesday morning after completing the company’s in-house certification as a Sensitivity Reader.  Late Thursday morning, after attending an organic pet potpourri-mixing seminar and an impromptu Resist Trump Chant Circle at The Learning Annex, he was ready to begin reviewing Jack […]

Surrounded? Consider Churchill

As a writer.  As a reader.  As any one of us going through these very strange times, personal tragedies, illness, surrounded on all sides, on either side of this great cultural schism, Churchill can be incredibly helpful. Consider this: There was a Cabinet meeting in London during the darkest days of the Second World War. […]

Going Full SJW: Bookstores Attempt to Kamikaze Trump

Front Tables filled with #Resist lit instead of books by authors.  Free giveaways of Rad Fem books no one would normally buy. Bookstores are going Full Social Justice Warrior at the expense of author livelihoods. Readers love to be scolded by perpetually-aggrieved “Do-Gooders” constantly reminding them of false concepts like “privilege” and “gender fluidity.”  That’s […]

Why this Flynn Thing is Going to Roll Back on the Dems

Just thinking aloud here… But the question is not what the Fake Newz wants you to think it is. No.  The real question is: What does Barack Obama know?  And:  When did he know it? General Mike Flynn was politically assassinated by Deep State Obama Dems wanting to protect the Iran deal.  Mainly:  They wanted […]

The Saddest, and Funniest, Twitter Account You can Follow

Nothing sums up the sadly hilarious ironic madness of California, where I live BTW, like the tweets of a fictional daycare center smack dab in the midst LaLa Land.  The tweets of Loz Feliz Daycare are pure gold. The children are all pretentiously named Grohl and Sioux or some such other hipster snowflake post 90’s […]

The Great Myth of Golden Age SciFi

Jaysn Jones has a great take on the Past, and the Present, of our Genre. If you don’t know Jasyn… you should.  He’s one of the great thinkers of our time.  And his mockery of PopKult is as sharp as Samurai Jack’s Katana.   The Great Myth of the Golden Age of Science Fiction Also… […]