Book Reveiw: Apparently, I Wrote a Great Star Trek Novel

Over at Kairos: A blog by incumbent Dragon of Horror and best selling author Brian Niemeier, he reviewed CTRL ALT Revolt!  And loved it!  My favorite quote… I’ve copied the review below, but you can hit his site Here or at the bottom to check out his books.  I really dug the thoroughness of this review! […]

Appendix N is an Awesome New Book about Gary Gygax’s Reading List

So Gary Gygax was a big reader!  And a lot of books totally inspired him as he developed a ground breaking game that was unlike anything ever published before!  At the back of the DM’s manual he listed an appendix that denoted works that inspired him.  That list was the infamous Appendix N.  And it’s […]

A Few Writers Willing to Stand Up for Freedom

Protests. Bullying. Shaming. Marching. Death Threats.  The list of atrocities against democracy goes on this week and we’re about to get a Hometown Buffet size of temper tantrums as a small yet vocal minority refuses to honor the electoral process. One of their weapons, as has been proven with the announcement of death threats against […]

I Got Hired to World-Build a Video Game!

A few months back I talked about some major news that happened in my career. But, because of the NDA’s i’d signed I couldn’t reveal too much about the project. I can’t reveal everything today… But I can reveal a few salient details. Basically, I got hired to world-build an exciting video game for a […]

This Painting reminds me…

The  Artist is Sally West. Day at the Beach by Nick Cole This painting makes me happy because I’ve been to that beach, on the hot summer day. When we spent the day in the waves and were salty and sunny and ate sandwiches by the shore. And in the end  we had watermelon and […]

Facebook Group of the Week: Gamma World Online

My current favorite in Facebooking for inspiration and world-building fuel, plus a little mental vacay in the future, is a group called Gamma World Online.  Gamma World, for those of you who don’t know, was an old RPG produced by TSR and can best be described as a Post Apocalyptic cousin to Dungeons and Dragons. […]

Platform: You Need One

plat·form ˈplatfôrm/ noun 1. a raised level surface on which people or things can stand. “there are viewing platforms where visitors may gape at the chasm”   So my webmaster, the awesome Rob McClellan here at Thirdscribe, informed me that one of my posts from last year had over 100,000 page views. I was stunned. […]

The Ache to Publish

When I first started out as a writer I was, in fact, not a writer. I was merely a soldier who’d picked up a copy of the Writer’s Market. Do you remember that publication? Do they still even publish it? I guess they do.  I just looked it up. I used to read it cover […]

How To Write a Book: Part 4

Last post we discussed how to do an elevator pitch (a 4 line description of your book). Now we’re gonna talk about character and dialog. These are two features that make the book come alive and I tend to think that writers have a tendency to overthink these two areas. ProTip: These two areas develop […]