5 Books that Just Changed Publishing


  Last month, on February 23rd, Wonderment Media launched five books in one day.  Why did this change publishing?  It changed publishing because this is the first time that’s ever been done.  A bunch of writers got together, without a big publisher to protect them from themselves (actually with a publisher called Wonderment Media, which […]

Michael and Me…


  Working with someone is not always as fun as it starts out to be. Let’s just use The Beatles as an example. Talented people can start out having fun and end up hating each other.  In the case of writing a novel together, two authors can start out with a great idea and all […]

Two Free Books!


Hey! We just dropped two brand-new ARCS for the Apocalypse Weird. The first one is called REVERSAL by Jennifer Ellis. It’s a strange tale of post-apocalyptic weirdness up in the Arctic.  Think of it as THE THING meets DEEP CORE   And we’ve also got Chris Pourteau’s novel  SERENITY STRAIN!  Drugs, violent psychopaths and the […]

And now… The NEW Apocalypse Weird Cover!


And now the cover reveal for the sequel to Apocalypse Weird: The Red King.   “Apocalypse Weird:  The Dark Knight continues as the survivors band together to build a modern-day “Castle” against a tide of  dark  forces overrunning Southern California.  While  Frank and Holiday struggle for power, Ash ventures into the night to rescue a lost special needs adult who has […]



  I’ll be releasing the cover for the sequel to my novel Apocalypse Weird: The Red King on Monday Afternoon.  I thought I’d let Jennifer Ellis and Chris Pourteau bask in the glow of their new covers for the Big Launch Day on February 23rd!          Mike Corley did an awesome job!  No […]

Writing Well: GameNoir, a New Genre that needs Writers

There’s a new genre in town and it needs writers to grow. It’s had some success with hits like Ready Player One and my own Soda Pop Soldier,but others are going to have to come along and do some of the heavy lifting.Tell some great stories set inside the world of gaming. So what is […]

We’re Looking for Writers: Apocalypse Weird

Apocalypse Weird

  Hi All- Consider this a HELP WANTED  sign.  Yes, we at Apocalypse Weird are looking for writers.  Right now we have our TIER ONE writers busily destroying the Apocalypse Weird Universe.  We have some TIER TWO writers who’re developing pitches and full stories to set in already-TIER ONE developed areas of the Apocalypse Weird Sandbox. […]

The Book You Need to BUY Today!


My good friend and writing partner, Michael Bunker, is on sale today.  Maybe you don’t know about him.  But you should.  You should know that he’s a great writer, a groundbreaking Indie who’s been held up as an example on “How to do it right!” by the bestsellers in the biz of pub.  Michael and […]


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